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13 July 2008 @ 12:36 pm

Hokay, so. Here's the deal. If I were to come back to Minneapolis early (and I dearly wish to as I'm climbing the walls with boredom here in Naperville), would I be able to park my car somewhere on campus for around about a month (Aug 1- Aug 28) until I know whether or not I'll be getting a parking space at Argyle? If I do, then I'll move the car in there. If not, my Mom will be up in Chanhassen for my Dad's 5K in early September and will drive it back to Chicago in leiu of flying. Do I need to contact someone on campus about a parking pass? Do they even *have* parking passes for the summer? I know there's a garage right next door to the building, but is that strictly short-term, or do they have a longer term pass or something? 

I'm seriously ready to bash my head in just for something to do and am terrifically jealous of you guys up in the Cities with your access to classy divertions to... divert you. So whaddaya think?

02 May 2008 @ 12:30 am
 X-posted from thelabgirls, just so we can have all the Deames goodness in one place. Ignore if you've read, comment if you haven't and join the madness. 

17 March 2008 @ 05:46 pm
Okay, so as I will be living with all y'all next semester in Dinnaken, we have a new and interesting option. I have access to and priority over a car, specifically a 1995 Toyota Camry. It would be really convenient for me to bring the car up to campus for our senior year, quite literally doubling our access to motorized conveyance. I'm pretty sure it's a one apartment, one parking spot rule for the Dinnaken Properties, right? So could I possibly enter a lottery or something to grab a spot? Does anybody know if such a lottery exists, and if so, when to enter it?
Send my Hogwarts letter to: Florence, Italy
Snarky and: goodgood

I'm pretty much over the shame at this point, guys. Hi, my name is Jess. I write fanfic. And it's fantastic! 

"Tin Man." Azkadelia/Zero. I blame
[info]savvygal for the scrawny, crooked-earred, patchy-haired plot bunny...with the mange.  

I can't explain it, but I'm really stuck on doing writing what essentially amount to Character Assassinations of Bobby Goren. Apart from the Irene Adler the forger's daughter fic (which I think I'm doing next), I just want to put him in the most absurd settings possible. Like as an FBI cult deprogrammer in 1970s Appalachia, dealing with polyester ties and a half-feral girl from the hills. Or as a dirty cop in Prohibition-era Philidelphia. Or as a US Consulate policeman-in-residence in 1950s Cambodia...where he could be dirty as well. It's getting a little ridiculous up in my imagination, and yet I just can't stop. 


Send my Hogwarts letter to: Florence
04 February 2008 @ 01:27 pm
Right, so I was just wondering if anyone is interested in heading to St. Paul on Friday February 29 to see a live performance of A Prairie Home Companion? This show is not going to be broadcast, hence the "live performance" part. It would start at around 7:30 that evening.

What this means for us is that student tickets are $10 apiece if we get them on the week of the show (usually tickets are upwards of $20). Since I work at noon on Mondays, I could just swing over to the Fitzgerald Theater at the beginning of that week sometime in the morning and get tickets. Marisa will head over there the Tuesday of that week in the afternoon because their stupid box office doesn't open until noon during the week and they are closed on Mondays.

The main reason I'm interested in this particular live performance is because the Wailin' Jennys are going to be the featured musical guest that week, and I don't feel like paying $30 to see them in concert at St. Kate's. I'm a fan, but I'm not that big a fan.

So is anyone interested? We could make this an even dorkier excursion and go to Mickey's afterwards.
23 January 2008 @ 04:48 pm
God. GOD. ANOTHER one. Marisa, I tag you next. Deakins/Eames and the face-eating cuteness of them.

Yes, all my titles for this will be math-relatedCollapse ) 
21 January 2008 @ 03:42 pm
Again, the title is self-explanitory. It's Bourne/Nicki.

15 January 2008 @ 09:22 am
I wrote Good Omens fic for my friend from high school, but I thought you guys might like to read it. Aziraphale/Crowley angelic!friendship fic with historical events.

15 January 2008 @ 09:15 am
I've already posted Sasha's and Emily's fic, which only leaves Marisa's and Lucia's. So here's Marisa's LOST fic. It's Sawyer/Juliet and bite-sized.
08 January 2008 @ 10:11 pm
Here's Sasha's Feast of the Epiphany fic (too late for actual Christmas, but still in the twelve days!) Enjoy!