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Snarkier than you since 1986.

The Unholy Alliance
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We are the Unholy Alliance. We are snarkier than you.
We are:
Sasha the Pervy
Jessica the Twisted
Emily the Blaspheme
Marisa the Snide
Lucia the Peculiar

We have been...
telling you to go suck an egg
looking for an ass race
the worst spies Canada has ever produced
swooning at the sight of top hats
admiring and coveting the systematic violation of personal space by fictional detectives
claiming to be the best thing to come out of the 80s
...since 1986.

Witness and despair, poor plebians!

arms made of win, beltless trousers, bobby goren, bollywood, cardboard tubes, chaucer & his blog, fitzwilliam darcy, gabe & tycho, kitties, malfoys, pirates, procrastination, samurais, shakespeare, slamming perps into cars, snark, snorflepiss, soul-eating, southern accents, squirrels, steve, top hats, truly epic facial hair, twins, weasleys, william moseley's sexuality, wizards