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13 July 2008 @ 12:36 pm
Technical Questions  

Hokay, so. Here's the deal. If I were to come back to Minneapolis early (and I dearly wish to as I'm climbing the walls with boredom here in Naperville), would I be able to park my car somewhere on campus for around about a month (Aug 1- Aug 28) until I know whether or not I'll be getting a parking space at Argyle? If I do, then I'll move the car in there. If not, my Mom will be up in Chanhassen for my Dad's 5K in early September and will drive it back to Chicago in leiu of flying. Do I need to contact someone on campus about a parking pass? Do they even *have* parking passes for the summer? I know there's a garage right next door to the building, but is that strictly short-term, or do they have a longer term pass or something? 

I'm seriously ready to bash my head in just for something to do and am terrifically jealous of you guys up in the Cities with your access to classy divertions to... divert you. So whaddaya think?

cellophane_crab on July 19th, 2008 05:03 am (UTC)
Coming back to Minnesota a bit early sounds good. Just so you know, Alyssa is going to be living in Argyle and sleeping on the futon for all of August--her apartment's lease is up at the end of July and she can't move into the house she's renting until September. As for parking...I don't really know. I forget what the three of us talked about, so I will leave it to the others to give input.